Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed. Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed.
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4 inch - 101,6mm - exhaust system AUDI RS 3 8V, 8V FL, TT RS 8S for CZGB, DAZA & DNWA - ECE homologation

Product details
  • Brutal, dull, pithy sound
  • No drone,  neither with closed exhaust valves, nor with open valves 
  • Built to support any potential power level of a 2.5 TFSI
  • Works with stock electric exhaust valves
  • Uncomplicated control of the system by using "Drive select" or the exhaust button (TTRS)
  • Made in 1.4301 stainless steel 2 x 3 inch 76mm auf 1 x 4 Zinch 101,6mm
Scope of delivery
  • 1 x 4 inch / 101,6mm exhaust system catback ECE homologated (select)
  • 1 x HP rear silencer
  • 1 x HP center silencer ("Street Version") otherwise replacementpiipe
  • 1 x Connection pipe center- to rear silencer
  • 5 x Exhaust clamps
  • 2 x Tailpipes black 180mm (width) x 120mm (height)
  • 1 x ECE homologation (only with HP control and "Street" version)
Product information
4 inch - 101,6mm - exhaust system AUDI RS 3 8V, 8V FL, TT RS 8S for CZGB, DAZA & DNWA - ECE homologation
Product description: 
The HPerformance 4 inch - 101.6mm exhaust system is not only designed to achieve a never-before-seen sound on the 2.5 TFSI, but also to reproduce every technically possible performance from the perspective of exhaust back pressure. This system can easily cope with any possible output, even well over 1000 HP, without hissing as a result of a possible exhaust gas pressure plug. There is a balance between exhaust back pressure and actual possible performance. From a certain power level (with the original exhaust system from 650 HP), the exhaust back pressure increases and the efficiency and power output decrease equally - but not with our 101.6mm exhaust system.   
Our 4 inch - 101.6mm exhaust system produces a sound that is very different from that of an 88.9mm - 3.5 inch exhaust system. The sound is generally much duller and more powerful - and thanks to our specially developed center silencer, it's just fun to enjoy every operating condition. This belongs to: 
1. Exhaust valve closed: The system doesn't rumble or drone at all, its volume is at the same level as an original exhaust system, without even a hint of rumbling or drone.
2. Exhaust valve open: The sound suddenly becomes deep, dull, unimaginably voluminous, an unknown sound image is created on the TTRS / RS3 / RSQ3 / VZ. Under full load, the vehicles sound like their 5-cylinder rally and IMSA-GTP ancestors, beastly and simply good!

If the exhaust system is to be delivered with ECE approval, our ECE flap module and the "Street" version must be ordered, otherwise the exhaust system is not legal. When ordering, please pay attention to the fact that ECE documents or nameplates will only be delivered or welded on.

Please note:

In accordance with our general terms and conditions, we would like to expressly point out again here that all items that are not expressly marked with a TÜV / EC approval do not have approval in the area of ​​the StVO. These items must therefore be typed individually by the user before they are used on public roads. Otherwise, these products must be used in racing.

All exhaust system components cause discoloration on the silencers, pipes and tailpipes during operation. These are material-related changes that are not covered by the warranty/guarantee of the item; they also have no negative impact on the use or technical properties of the item.

Engine version: RS3 - CZGB, TTRS RS3 - DAZA, TTRS RS3 - DNWA
Manufacturer: HPerformance
Model: RS3 8V (2017-2018), RS3 8V (2018-2020), TTRS 8S (2016-2018), TTRS 8S (2020-2023)
Is this exhaust system compatible with my stock / aftermarket downpipe?
Yes. As long as your downpipe is using the double 65mm connection clamps (like oem / stock) between middle silencer pipes and catalyst section, thats no problem. You can exchange this exhaust 1:1 to your stock AUDI catback exhaust system.
Which version should I choose?
If you want the maximum sound, you should choose the race version. If you want your exhaust street legal (european countries) you should go for the street version plus the HPerformance control module to get the ECE / TÜV approved version of the exhaust as well as the ECE documents.,
Ist die Abgasanlage legal und kombinierbar mit weiteren Änderungen?


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