Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed. Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed.
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AUDI RS 3 - MK1 8P - CEPA 2.5 TSI - Intercooler inclusive TÜV

Product details
  • Rated to sustainable 700HP
  • GARRETT 900 core
  • Core size 610mm x 307mm x 76mm
  • Lightweight construction due to latest production technologies
Scope of delivery
  • HP Sport Series intercooler
  • HP bumper bar end sides (left / right)
  • Set of screws to fix the intercooler
  • 2 x silicone hose
  • 4 x hose clamp
  • 1 x TÜV documents
Product information
AUDI RS 3 - MK1 8P - CEPA 2.5 TSI - Intercooler inclusive TÜV
Product description:

Our HPerformance Sport Series intercooler is based on a Gerrett 900 bar and plate design core, which we consistently rate to 700HP for drag racing and 700HP for circuit use. In extensive test series, we tested a wide variety of tube-and-fin and bar-and-plate cores on an 700HP TT-RS DAZA. The main focus was on the reproducibility of the performance. This means that the vehicle can handle thermal stress over a period of time. Our intercooler makes it possible to generate a maximum temperature delta of 9-10°C over several accelerations on the dynamometer. This means that the temperature at the end of the measurement run is no more than 9-10°C above the entry temperature for a vehicle with 800HP. The lower the power, the lower the temperature delta. The intercooler is already recommended for stock performance, because the original intercoolers quickly reach their limits here (everything over 50°C) and temperature-related protective functions take effect. Our intercooler has a parts certificate and can therefore be registered legally (also in combination with other hardware from our company).

Please Note:
Any of our items are not deisgned for beeing used street legal. Products that are street legal are marked as such. The offered items are for racing application only and must be installed by professional workshops with corresponding know how. If you want to install the parts on your own, please inform yourself up front, if you are able to handle the installation. You can also ask our technicans on the phone. We cannot take back items that have been incorrectly installed.

Model: TTRS 8J (2009-2014)
Why is an upgraded intercooler so important?
The intercooler is the key of the chargecooling. The air is leaving the turbocharger with an temperature of circa 135-140° celsius. The intercooler is responsible for the cooling process of that air. Whenever the intake temperature of your car exceeds 60° celsius, the car is enriching the combustion process extremely to cool down the engine as a safety feature. At that point your power output is degreasing heavily.
Does the fitment need custom modifications?
No, the intercooler is a 1:1 exchange to the stock intercooler.
Is the HP Sport Series intercooler street legal?
Yes, the HP Sport Series intercooler has TÜV approvation documents for beeing allowed to drive street legal in Germany.

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