Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed. Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed.
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TC Turbos TC900XT 2.5 TFSI upgrade turbo / hybrid - DAZ DNW

Product details
  • Direct exchange to stock turbo unit (plug and play)
  • Custom oversize compressor cover
  • TC-Turbos 4" 100mm intake pipe
  • TC Turbos 10 blade high efficiency compressor wheel
  • Enlarged turbine housing and manifold
  • TC Turbos 9 blade highflow turbine wheel
  • Ported manifold flange
  • TC Turbos heavy duty journal bearing for high loads and performance
  • CHRA VSR balanced
  • Rotating parts balanced with Schenk air bearing system balancing mashine
  • Stock wastegate-actuator for uncomplicated software adjustments
  • New units come with thermal heat isolation
  • Made by TC Turbos Germany
  • Requires software tuning
Scope of delivery
  • 1 x TC Turbos TC900XT (brand new unit with isolation)
  • 1 x TC Turbos 4" 100mm turboinletpipe (to match modified compressor cover)
  • 1 x HP 2,75" 70mm pressure pipe (turbo outled side)
  • 1 x M6 screw (fixing of lower clamp flange)
Product information
TC Turbos TC900XT 2.5 TFSI upgrade turbo / hybrid - DAZ DNW
Product description:

The TC Turbos TC900XT is based on an brand new original DAZA / DNWA 2.5 TFSI Borg Warner stock frame turbocharger and always comes with heat shield. The TC 900XT is a result of more than 2 years development that had the main focus on reliability and daily usability as well as on the maximum power output. The turbo itself uses our latest technology of 9 blade exhaust turbine wheel and the 10 blade highflow compressor wheel. The turbo uses the stock actuator, which makes it comfortable in terms of softwaretuning. It can be used even with low grade pumps fuels. 

The response of the TC900XT is similar to a standard turbocharger. The turbo is able to generate 1100NM at 4000 rp/m. Throttle response is stock level, although peak power can be up to 530 hp over stock. The TC900XT thus plays in a performance class of many fullframe turbo kits, but is clearly superior in terms of response, durability and suitability for everyday use.

 The following power numbers are possible with the 900XT and the appropriate fuels as well as supporting modificatio

  • 93 ron (US) / 98 octane (EU) = 600 hp
    Front intercooler (HP Sport Series), TC Turbos inlet 4", HP 2,75" chargepipe, Intake system (min. 3,5"), Downpipe (min 3,5")
  • 95 ron (US) / 100 octane (EU) = 680 hp
    Front intercooler (HP Sport series), TC Turbos inlet 4", 4" intake system, HP 2,75" chargepipe, Downpipe (min. 3,5”), Engine reinforcement (Engine Pack 2), 1000ccm injectors, Mechanical blow-off valve (HP blow-off pipe), Pressure sensors 2 x
    NGK R7 series spark plugs
  • 98 ron (US) / 102 octane (EU) = 780 hp
    Front intercooler (HP RACE series), TC Turbos inlet 4", Intake system 5", Downpipe 4", Engine reinforcement (Engine Pack 2)
    1000cc injectors, Mechanical blow-off valve (HP blow-off pipe), NGK R7 series spark plugs, 3,5" Exhaust system from the catalytic converter, 
    Boost pressure pipe on the passenger side, Pressure sensors 4 bar, HP 1100NM clutchkit
  • E85 / XE85 = 930 hp
    Front intercooler (HP Race Series), TC Turbos turbo inlet 4" , Intake system 5", Downpipe 4", Engine reinforcement (Ethanol Engine Pack), 1000ccm injectors, Mechanical blow-off valve (HP blow-off pipe), NGK R7 series spark plugs, 4" Exhaust system from the catalytic converter, Boost pressure pipe on the passenger side, Pressure sensors 4 bar, Intake manifold increased volume, 3,14" throttlebody elbow, Clutch kit (HP 1100NM), HP fuelrail kit, HP Twin low pressure fuel pump 

We can also supply the right software for every fuel. By using non aclohol blend fuels we advise to support with a WMI system. With our flash tool, the vehicle can be programmed anywhere in the world.

The TC900XT currently holds several world records for 2.5 TFSI upgrade turbochargers:

8.6 seconds 1/4 mile at 161mp/h
5.63 seconds 1/8 mile at 128mp/h
60 feet 1.41 seconds
1.91 seconds 0-60mp/h
1.87 seconds 0-100km/h
3.87 seconds 60-130mp/h
3.27 seconds 100-200km/h

Please Note:
Any of our items are not deisgned for beeing used street legal. Products that are street legal are marked as such. The offered items are for racing application only and must be installed by professional workshops with corresponding know how. If you want to install the parts on your own, please inform yourself up front, if you are able to handle the installation. You can also ask our technicans on the phone. We cannot take back items that have been incorrectly installed. 

Model: RS3 8V (2017-2018), RS3 8V (2018-2020), RS3 8Y (2021-2022), RS Q3 (2019-2020), TTRS 8S (2016-2018), TTRS 8S (2020-2023)

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