Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed. Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed.
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Deal: 5" / 125mm intake system & 4" / 100mm turboinlet RS3 TTRS RS Q3

Product details
  • Fits stock DAZ DNW turbo as well as TC800XT / 870XT and other hybrids
  • Visible gains over stock intake system of more than 15HP / 20NM just by exchange
  • Adds power in direct comparison over 4" 100mm intake systems
  • Advised to use for any power level above 650HP
  • Tested on fullframe and hybrid turbo application
Scope of delivery
  • 1 x intake pipe 5" 125mm
  • 1 x oversize turboinlet 4" 100mm
  • 1 x high performance airfilter 5" / 125mm
  • 1 x silicone reducer 5" 125mm > 4" 10mm
  • 3 x stainless steel clamp
Product information
Deal: 5" / 125mm intake system & 4" / 100mm turboinlet RS3 TTRS RS Q3
Product description:

The HPerformance 125mm 5" intake system is one of the biggest intakes on the market. It comes with a 100mm 4"oversize- turboinlet, that is adapted with a silicone reducer to the intake pipe itself. The 125mm 5" intake kit gains visible power over an 100mm 4" intake system and should be used in any car above 800HP / 750WHP. The system has a well designed holder bracket to prevent any touching in the engine bay. By using aluminium it has a great heat exchange and ist very light. It has no negative side / risk affects than carbon systems do in terms of melting, fading / bleaching and Deformation. Due to the material, aluminium has an excellent cooling effect and air temp exchange effect.

Please Note:
Any of our items are not deisgned for beeing used street legal. Products that are street legal are marked as such. The offered items are for racing application only and must be installed by professional workshops with corresponding know how. If you want to install the parts on your own, please inform yourself up front, if you are able to handle the installation. You can also ask our technicans on the phone. We cannot take back items that have been incorrectly installed.

Model: RS3 8V (2017-2018), RS3 8V (2018-2020), RS3 8Y (2021-2022), RS Q3 (2019-2020), TTRS 8S (2016-2018), TTRS 8S (2020-2023)
Can I use this intake on my stock TTRS RS3 RS Q3?
The 5" 125mm intake pipe and the suitable 4" 100mm turboinlet can be used on stock turbos / stock 2.5 TFSI as well as on high power vehicles. There is no negative effect by having a oversize designed intake compared to the stock intake - it adds power on stock and especially on vehicles above 650HP.
Is there any visible power gain with the 5" / 125mm intake system?
Yes. We could measure gains on stock cars in average 15HP and up to 30NM just by simply changing the stock intake to the HP system. Even icopmpared to 4" 100mm intake system, the 5" will add some more power. Besides the power, the torque is 100-150RPM earlier available and the turbo does hold the torque about 100-150RPM longer. Besides the power gains, the intake system creates a phenomenal intake sound.
Is the 5" / 125mm intake system street legal?
Yes. The 5" / 125mm intake system comes with TÜV homologation (Teilegutachten) and can be approved street legal in Germany.

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