Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed. Finally! Our 4 inch 101,6mm exhaust system is available! Ordes can be placed.
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Turboinletpipe 3,5" 90mm - TTRS 8J1 - RS3 8P -RS3 8V1 - 2.5 TFSI - CZGB CEP

Product details
  • Fabricated with latest laser production technology
  • Wall thickness only 1.6mm - maximum internal volume
  • Fits stock CEP CZG 2.5 TFSI K16 Turbo
  • Fits TC610XT hybrid turbo as well as compareable hybrid turbos
  • Visible gains over stock inlet -  11hp 18nm - for 1:1 exchange
  • Improves the restrictive airflow in front of the compressor
  • Necessary above 450HP or with hybrid turbos
  • Key product to get above 600HP with TC610XT
Scope of delivery
  • 1 x 3,5" 90mm turboinlet / turboinletpipe
  • 2 x screws
  • 1 x o-ring
Product information
Turboinletpipe 3,5" 90mm - TTRS 8J1 - RS3 8P -RS3 8V1 - 2.5 TFSI - CZGB CEP
Product description:

The HPerformance turboinlet is the ideal complement to the HPerformance open 100mm intake system. The turboinlet makes it possible to generate the greatest possible air flow in front of the turbocharger, which not only improves the response behavior, but also significantly increases the maximum throughput. Just installing the inlet on an original CEP CZG generates an increase in performance of 11PS and 18NM. In combination with an open intake, the inlet unfolds its full performance. Then even up to 15hp and 27NM increase can be measured. The inlet is absolutely necessary on vehicles that drive an upgrade turbocharger (more than 450 hp). On the TC610XT turbocharger, performances over 600hp are only possible through the inlet. Thanks to the laser manufacturing technology, this inlet has a wall thickness of only 1.6mm and has a much larger volume than compareable cast inlets.

Please Note:
Any of our items are not deisgned for beeing used street legal. Products that are street legal are marked as such. The offered items are for racing application only and must be installed by professional workshops with corresponding know how. If you want to install the parts on your own, please inform yourself up front, if you are able to handle the installation. You can also ask our technicans on the phone. We cannot take back items that have been incorrectly installed.

Manufacturer: HPerformance
Model: RS3 8P (2011-2012), RS3 8V1 (2015-2016), RS Q3 (2013-2016), TTRS 8J (2009-2014)
Does the inlet gain extra power?
Yes, it does. The stock inlet is deisgned to cover around 360HP before the vacuum in front of the turbine rises extremely. This is an indicator for to restrictive air supply. The HPerformance turboinlet does not only gain 11hp and 18nm in direct exchange on a stock car, it is the reason for the high power outputs with the TC610XT hybrid turbo.
What is the difference between the HPerformance inletpipe over competitors?
There are many 3,5" / 90mm turboinlets on the market. The main difference is the production technology of ours. We do laser sinter the material, which allows us to have smallest possible wall thickness and as a result maximum useable inner diameter of the pipe. If you compare our inlet to a casted 3,5" 90mm turboinlet, the casted ones have a wall thickness of roughly 5-7mm. So in terms of volume the HPerformance inlet has an 28% more internal volume (on straightt sections, in corners with radiuses even more) over a casted or a silicon inlet.
Can I use this inlet street legal?
Yes. We have a TÜV certificate to use this item street legal in Germany and all countries accepting german TÜV documents.

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